Drums of War VR-VREX

Unleash the fury of your drums! Behold! Drums of War, a VR music-driven action adventure game that uses a unique locomotion mechanic. Step into the role of a gigantic orc and pound virtual drums to the beat of blasting heavy metal. Move …

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Mercenaries VR-VREX

As a result of a looming¬† global terrorist threat, the governments of major countries have created a Coalition called "Mercenaries".The Coalition accepts soldiers, policemen, special unit operatives or people who have passed the specialized training programme and a psychological evaluation. Applicants are …

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Puzzle Island VR-VREX

Welcome to Puzzle Island, a beautiful place where time stands still and there’s nowhere you need to go. It’s just you, the sand, the palm trees and of course the lovely ocean. But we wouldn’t want you to get bored while you’re …

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Silicon Rising gives you an all-new experience for an old school arcade-style game, pushing the FPS genre forward with a new VR experience. Fight deadly enemies while dodging gracefully through a storm of attacks. It makes for a totally immersive game experience, …

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